When you join this platform, a percentage of the funds go towards the development of the North Highland Way.

Why would you want this….

When you could have this?

Highlands and Enterprise will back projects which do not fulfil the requirements of the EU Directives on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change, but will not back one which does.

Help us stop this outrage, and make public services accountable. Just Giving

We have spent many years investigating public services in Scotland and found them wanting.  In particular, relating to the project the North Highland Way. The start of the sad story of why the North Highland Way project did not take off starts here….  There is another story of underhandedness, illegalities and litany of disasters for another inward investor, the “Pentland Hero“.  We are currently attempting to extract information from the Highlands and Islands “Enterprise” about the Sutherland Space Hub, and they are refusing to give it, or at least not all of it.

Does anyone understand economics?  ie time=money. They will back projects which give off carbon emissions, but not walking, cycling and horse riding… ie the North Highland Way.  The local people and businesses have wanted it for years.  Apparently Lords Thurso and MacLennan don’t… their castles are on it, and they won’t support.  Still no news from the letter written to the Trustees of the Queen Elizabeth’s Castle of Mey Trust, just like last time.  The then secretary got the blame for losing it.  It is supposed that it is lost again.  Hey ho.

Look at what they are doing with the environment.

We have written the synopsis of the book “Scotland is not the UK” to be published in 2020.  We already have a publisher.

If you would like to join our investigations team, please contact us

Wishful thinking, methinks!

To say that the Spanish want to emulate the Highland is risible…

219 Wessex General Hospital

What we did in the old days....

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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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