Tourism development

The author lived and worked at Dunnet Head for many years, giving her time on a voluntary basis. Writing the horse section for the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, as well as reviewing the Energy White Paper and the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

In return she was shut out by public services just as soon as she wanted paying for her coordination services for the North Highland Way. It all started in Brough Bay. You can read that sad story in a book on Lulu. Not it is not free. Nor were the maps the writer bought for £8 and everybody wanted them free.

Roseanna Cunningham says she supports the Way, but does not answer emails, no matter how many times you send them. She is responsible for SEPA being under her department, instead of Tourism where it should be.

Tourism Development


Speed on the NC500?

The NC500 project was given thousands of pounds of public money to promote it, but Highlands and Islands Enterprise would not assist with the North Highland Way, and still won’t. In my writing group this week I wrote about corruption and democracy. Everyone in the room was in agreement and wanted me to publish the piece I wrote. I will shortly, but firstly I would like to inform readers that I have joined an environmental action group and we will be highlighting the problem with the rocket. I will be writing environmental articles for the organisation, no, not free of charge, on a professional basis. Something HIE do not understand.
The picture is of me at the event in Dublin on Saturday 16th February 2019.

Here is the link to the web site at Enjoy… all you people there travelling round in your big cars….

Information Commissioners Office

This blog accompanies my writing for the press in London and Spain, as well as Belfast and Dublin.  All of the NUJ are now aware of this blog, both in Scotland and Belfast, and shortly in London as well.

This is the latest letter sent to the authorities, this time the Information Commissioner’s office:

Further to my letter of 8th December and your kind response of 12th December, there have been more developments regarding the Highland Council, in particular, Stuart Black, using my private and personal address for his own purposes.  The matter revolves around the project the North Highland Way which Mr. Black has consistently refused to assist with, despite saying that he would in 2008.  This is the second time I have been told not to contact THC as I am using up their resources.  If they told the truth and provided the information in a timely manner I would not have to keep contacting them. The project is for the benefit of the community, not my company, but Mr. Black has used all kinds of tactics to prevent the project going ahead.

While I appreciate the problems with the development of the Way are not within your remit, Mr. Black’s blatant use of my personal and private address is a matter of concern, particularly as I told him quite plainly that he should respond to my business address.  Mr. Watters of the Highland Council was given my address for the purposes of sending me a CD.  In the past I have been able to access information without having to provide a copy of my driving licence, but on this occasion I was obliged to produce it as evidence of my address. I enclose a copy of Mr. Black’s letter.  He obtained my address from Mr. Watters.  I did not give my permission for my contact details to be kept on file.  Under GDPR this is a serious offence.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I refer again to my letter of 8th December.  If you would be kind enough to pass any information to the relevant authority if they are not within your remit, I should be obliged if you could do so.

Not even the CEO of the Highland Council is responding now.  At least Steve Barron used to respond and made a lot of sense.

This is what happens

when you try to bring community benefit and business, as well as economic development to the North of Scotland.

You get threatened by the Highland Council, they give your address away, the last CEO was very supportive, as are some of the staff.  Not do the Director of Planning and Infrastructure.  Planning? What’s that?  There were no plans for the interpretive signs at Forsinard, nor the NC500 until HIE decided it was going in.

You get villified, bullied, and even the Police at your door.


And those who didn’t help

Venture North… a consortium supported by financial assistance from Highlands and Islands Enterprise.  They ejected LetsGoNorth when they did not agree with public services.


Prince Charles Group . North Highland Initiative.  They also dropped LetsGoNorth like a stone once they realised they were going to question the Highland Council’s motives for not supporting the Way.  Again, supported by public money.  It was set up by the Prince for all businesses in the area, but only representatives from Dounreay, hotel owners and a few B&Bs are working with them. The author is sure that the Prince would be horrified if he knew that they are not following the EU Directives on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change with the NC500 project.

North Highland Way

Paths for all

“Why can this group get money and we can’t.  Even when the company was  based in Scotland we couldn’t.  Never mind, the taxes from the Company which under pins the NHW will go to the Irish purse.  It is all being promoted in Spain now through two high profile groups out there.

You will be able to see details on my project web site at shortly.
We have not had the courtesy of a response from the Government as to whether they would like a formal proposal so we are going to assume they don’t.. Once the new article is on the website I will send you the link.  Meanwhile the land owner survey and the transport links survey as described to THC yesterday goes ahead.  Information will of course be proprietary to the Company until such time as we formalise an agreement otherwise. That will depend on the Government and THC not SUSTRANS who only seek free information in a grant application which is certain to be refused.”