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Reasons why the North Highland Way project has not taken off as it should have.


  1.  Public services want everything free of charge
  2. Organisations such as Venture North and the North Highland Initiative expel members because they make a fuss when public services won’t carry out their functions
  3.   The Enterprise organisation wanted the feasibility study free of charge so they could “assess” it when they didn’t even have the spec which was with the Highland Council
  4.   Highlands and Islands Enterprise are show stoppers in this project
  5. The Highland Council does not understand Sustainable Development and wanted the project manager of the route to do a presentation to businesses free of charge, and travel from Ireland as well.
  6. The SPSO won’t investigate HIE however hard we try and won’t provide my personal information under the law. One wonders what they have to hide.

It gets worse… And now Dounreay are involved with promoting the space rocket but wouldn’t give any money to the North Highland Way project, even though it was eligible.  They wouldn’t even give money so that walkers could get off the road and walk around their facility.  We found a track, but no, let LetsGoNorth do all the work first.

Two environmental disasters waiting to happen.

News from NC500.  Is it a sustainable tourism project?


Now  Venture North are banning anyone who they don’t agree with. It was the same with the Brough Bay Association. We are writing a book about that! Should be released at the end of November 2018. Also, the North Highland Initiative, Prince Charles’ initiative. They wouldn’t let us join that either as we were too outspoken.  I have today (31st October 2018) written to Prince Charles expressing my concerns.  They are protecting the funders who are doing the rocket project, and refused any money for the North Highland Way.  What a shower.  Don’t invest in Scotland if you have any qualifications or experience.


Look at what the Scots are doing with their environment.