When we started the North Highland Way project back in 2010, we invited Easyways to join us, which they did, and provided some very nice markers.  However, since then they have stabbed us in the back and refused to have anything to do with us.

“HIE are the stumbling block,” said manager Andrew Fernie.  We agreed.  However, we tried anyway, but as suspected, HIE did not want to pay for anything.  When we started to fight with HIE, Easyways dropped us like a stone and put a local representative in instead of the company who have been working on the project for years.

The BHS Access Officer in Caithness also dropped us, just because we put up a fight.

In the 18 years we have been working in the area, we have learned the hard way that that is what happens when you fight back, even if they want it.

Don’t ever invest in Scotland.  Bunch of freeloaders.

Our apologies to those Scots, and they know who they are but won’t stick their heads above parapet for fear of getting them chopped off.  We have no such qualms.  We want to expose the powers that be in Scotland for just what they are – especially certain lairds and those who do not understand business and economics.

Published by Dawn Marshall

I have written for several publications in Scotland and Spain and have a Diploma in Freelance Journalism. I also have a BSC in IT and Spanish from London South Bank University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk from Heriot Watt University. I am a member of the NUJ in Belfast.

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