Highland Council threatens businesswoman

The main promoter of the North Highland Way has been threatened by the Highland Council if she does not stop asking questions about the North Highland Way, a proposed multi use route from Duncansby Head to Cape Wrath which will not only link the North Highland Way with the John o Groats Trail and Cape Wrath, but be the only route which adheres to the EU Directives on Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change, which the NC500 doesn’t.   Yesterday she received a registered letter to her home address in Ireland.  It is not clear how they got her address, as she had only sent it to the Freedom of Information office and he was only entitled to use it to send out information in the post as they told her they needed her address and ID to be able to access information, which is not entirely true.

Is this, we ask you, any way to treat an inward investor to Scotland?

The promoter asked two questions of Mr. Stuart Black:

  1.  Why did he say in 2008 that the Highland Council would back the project, and now refuses to.
  2. Why he backs a project (the NC500) which increases the Council budget year on year.

Apparently one is not allowed to ask questions of this nature of public services in Scotland.  This is not the first time the proposal has received such correspondence.  Back in 2013 she was told to stop contacting them as she was taking up too much of their time.  This is only the opinion of Mr. Black.  The rest of the Council employees are helpful and proactive. That is apart from the person who gave her address away and gives contradictory advice then sends rude emails.



Published by Dawn Marshall

I have written for several publications in Scotland and Spain and have a Diploma in Freelance Journalism. I also have a BSC in IT and Spanish from London South Bank University, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk from Heriot Watt University. I am a member of the NUJ in Belfast.

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