Yet more from the Highland Council

Just like HIE, reneging on deals: Wednesday 28th November 2018   “Tina I’m not aware of a formal way of demonstrating being a “sustainable destination” either but I’m assuming this may have come out of your discussions with one of the European agencies you mentioned earlier? If so is there anything you could pass onContinue reading “Yet more from the Highland Council”

Trying to bring business to the north

Is a nigh on impossible task.  A group of businessmen asked the Highland Council if they would assist – Competa already has.  We asked if we could have £600 for consultancy as they didn’t know what sustainable development was.  Below is the reply received today (4th December 2018)   As mentioned in my message theContinue reading “Trying to bring business to the north”

Treasury at Westminster

Independence for Scotland,  not when they treat inward investors like free information services. How does this get anything into the public purse? Volunteering is great… but how do people live? Or not great, if you were treated as I was in Scotland as a volunteer. The letter about why Scotland cannot be independent has nowContinue reading “Treasury at Westminster”


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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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