44862281_2404028426279765_747491654314754048_nDear Tina,

You and I both know we’re living through an environmental emergency – but you wouldn’t realise it from looking at what’s happening in Westminster.

That’s why I tabled a motion in Parliament, calling for a UK-wide climate emergency.

Will you join the party pushing for a Climate Emergency?

As more and more councils declare climate emergencies up and down the country, I’m pushing Parliament to wake up.

We need Parliament to declare a climate emergency. We need to invest in a Green New Deal to rapidly decarbonise the UK. And we need to release funding to local authorities so that they can take bold climate action.

But for my motion to have impact, I really need your help.

I need you to write to your MP and tell them how important it is to support my Early Day Motion on a UK-wide climate emergency.

Tell them how urgent it is we act to prevent climate breakdown. Tell them that a Green New Deal would create hundreds of thousands of good, well-paid jobs in every region of the country. Tell them we must seize this moment.

And don’t just write to your MP. Join me. Together, we can make a real difference.

Thank you.

Caroline Lucas MP

PS. If you hear back from your MP, let us know what they say!