The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government don’t seem to understand that they have to pay for things. See below from one of their officials.

I refer you to previous correspondence where we have provided you with the Scottish Government position and the options available to you. The Scottish Government cannot assist any further.

The author does not recall the Scottish Government ever helping her. She has replied as below:

The Scottish Government has not provided me with any options, except that I do everything free of charge. I should be grateful if you could explain how this is economically and environmentally sustainable, and why the Scottish Government should get any money at all from the Barnett Formula when they waste so much money in public services opposing a project like the North Highland Way.

I would refer you to Mrs. Cunningham’s report that she supports the development of a Scottish coastal route.
This will be posted on my news desk and annotated accordingly, noting in particular that

From Mrs. Cunningham in 2010. Extract from her original report about the coastal path:

“The initiative is however not about creating a continuous path around the coast of Scotland: a major programme of path building to fill the extensive gaps in coastal paths provision would be hard to justify in terms of affordability and demand. Instead, the main approach to improving coastal access will focus on promoting and marketing existing paths (

    sic: where is the marketing of the existing paths)

and routes through a dedicated web portal. In the short term, promotion and marketing of this initiative will be more important than having more paths on the ground. The initiative can therefore be established and function relatively quickly.”

We have not, and never have, promoted the idea of a built path. Clearly this is not feasible. I would refer you to the document Creating the North Highland Way, available from my As a budding politician in Northern Ireland, I am in the perfect position to question Scotland’s attitude to environment and economic sustainability, and the attitude of the SNP towards, apparently trying to get everything free of charge.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I will once again be pressing on the First Minister for an audience, as I have with Mrs. May and Philip Hammond, this as a journalist and member of the NUJ.

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Freelance writer and Spanish tutor working in Ireland and Scotland. BSc in Computing and Spanish, Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Economics, Policy and Risk, Diploma in Journalism. With 16 years experience in Scotland, we are well placed to assist with tourism development.

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