The stage we are at…

The Audit Office are being informed of the antics of the Highlands and Enterprise in relation to the Sutherland Space Hub. So have the suppliers. No public consultation until they were forced to, no security, no governance of public money. Today, the company behind the development of the North Highland Way pulled out of theContinue reading “The stage we are at…”

Inkslingers on stage

And so… Harry beat me to it…This will appear on the web site as well as Harry’s.Claire did a brilliant job of marshalling the troops.  Harry said it was like trying to control a barrel of frogs. Herding cats, also springs to mind. The rehearsal for me was a disaster… I had been collecting wine from St. StephensContinue reading “Inkslingers on stage”

Nuclear Decommissioning Agency

The Nuclear Decommissioning Agency are complicit in helping the Scottish Government launch a rocket without any security whatsoever. They say they are not responsible for security, although they are funding Highlands and Islands Enterprise to set it up. On the other hand, they refused two applications for funding for the North Highland Way, despite wideContinue reading “Nuclear Decommissioning Agency”

Climate Change Strike – Belfast style!

Over 4000 people attended the Belfast Climate Change Strike on 20th September 2019. The atmosphere was electric! Kids from St. Dominics School were particularly prevalent, and kindly invited me to share their banner! It was the day Belfast City Council declared a Climate Emergency, recognising that climate change is actually happening. The objective for theContinue reading “Climate Change Strike – Belfast style!”


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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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Sustainable Transport is key to averting climate change


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